Healthcare, at its core, is about caring for people and improving lives. This is the aim of Borderless Access Health – to assist global healthcare brands in understanding the healthcare space better with actionable insights in order to improve lives.

Borderless Access Health provides a world-class synergy of primary market research, business intelligence and reporting and analytics services to global healthcare, pharma and biotech, life sciences and medical devices companies, and deliver near-real-time healthcare insights that truly matter.

Real Time Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence

Real World Solutions

Real-World Solutions

Digitized Business Intelligence & Reporting

Digitized Business Intelligence & Reporting

Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Healthcare Market Access

Market Access

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Real-time Intelligence

Gain access to top-notch primary research data on all areas of healthcare and life sciences including patients, physicians, healthcare R&D, drug development, biotech and pharmaceutical operations and more.

Our real-time intelligence (RTI) is driven by our high-calibre capabilities in survey design, scripting, coding, translation, charting and reporting, story-telling and leveraging our proprietary specialist doctors and patient panel.

Awareness, Trial, Usage (ATU)

Awareness, Trial, Usage (ATU)Take strategic brand decisions with confidence with Borderless Access Health ATU studies that provide a solid overview of your target market.

With ATU studies, you can make informed decisions based on the thought process of healthcare providers, physician preferences for brands and their products/drugs and the reasons for their choices.

Our awareness, trial and usage studies are offered as more than simple turnkey solutions but also as customized studies with the potential to give a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company the insights to execute effective product and marketing strategies.

Target Product Profile (TPP)

Target Product Profile (TPP)A Target Product Profile can play a vital role in the commercial success of a drug/product as it helps in the identification and optimization of product attributes and defines the course of R&D. TPP studies can also be important to align your drug development with healthcare regulations by acting as a line of communication between you and a regulatory body.

Our team has the experience and capabilities to implement a TPP (Target Product Profile) in a timely fashion while ensuring due diligence and carrying out all the required market data analysis for an effective outcome.

With Borderless Access Health TPP (Target Product Profile) service, you can build a strong portfolio strategy and define your product research and development outcome for desirable results.

Brand Research

Healthcare Brand ResearchBrand Research: The healthcare space today is extremely competitive and more consumer-centric than before, which in some ways make it function like the FMCG industry. This automatically elevates the importance of having a strong brand presence that is recognized as reliable and trustworthy among patients as well as healthcare providers.

With years of experience in the healthcare research space, combined with our work on brand research, trackers, digital patient and physician panels, Borderless Access Health, can help get a measure of your brand’s standing among your consumers in terms of awareness and perception. Branding research can also help you align your brand to your objectives, nurture your brand strength and trim out the weaknesses.

Our branding research provides reliable, actionable insights that can help you develop a solid brand strategy, one that stands the test of time.

Brand Tracking

Healthcare Brand TrackingA strong awareness about your own brand’s health in the real world can make all the difference in the highly competitive, high value but cost-constrained healthcare and pharmaceutical space. A good understanding of your brand’s health can also help you build the right market strategy and attract the right resources, both key for long term success.

With access to a wide spectrum of our deeply profiled proprietary healthcare panellists covering healthcare providers and patients allows us to gather real-world and actionable qualitative insights about where and how your brand stands in the market.

Borderless Access Health’s brand tracking service helps pharmaceuticals and other healthcare organizations of all sizes get a sound measure of their brand perception over a period of time, enabling them to take stock of their brand investment and strategies.

Segmentation Studies

Health segmentation studyAs the healthcare space becomes more patient-centric, it becomes ever more important for pharmaceutical, biotech and other life sciences companies to understand their consumers’ thoughts and preferences to develop products better suited to certain consumer demographics. Healthcare segmentation studies are a useful way to engage with different types of patients and understand their preferences.

Borderless Access Health segmentation study capabilities, backed by our proprietary respondent data, go a long way in helping healthcare brands scale up and develop effective operational and product strategies for different market segments as well as to more effective healthcare marketing strategies.

Message Recall Studies

Message Recall StudiesMessage recall studies can be employed to gather how well your target healthcare providers, patients as well as your competitors recall your brand messages and respond to them over a period of time.

With Borderless Access Health's timely and efficient message recall studies, you can understand how well your brand message resonates with your target audience. You can also get a good measure of how effective your marketing strategy is, allowing you to take appropriate corrective measures where required, potentially saving you money.

Launch Adoption Tracking

Health launch adoption trackingFor any pharmaceutical or biotech company, getting a good measure of key success indicators can mean the difference in success or failure of a new product. These key performance metrics can be both quantitative and qualitative and span the lifecycle of a new product, starting from the launch, and moving to product adoption and ending with the market response.

Borderless Access Health's launch adoption tracking service has the capacity to measure all key metrics to give you a true understanding of the health of your product in the real world and take the required measures to ensure success.

KOL Mapping

KOL MappingAn effective means to market your healthcare products is through a KOL. Also called a Key Opinion Leader, KOLs are generally physicians or healthcare providers who are considered as experts in their fields or peer group and who have a significant influence on how their peers carry out their medical practices.

With our diversified presence in the healthcare space, Borderless Access Health can help map KOLs from across different regions, communities, healthcare & specialties, and engage them to build a lasting relationship with your brand and to give your brand or product the right voice.


Real World Solutions (RWS) is a mixed bag of in-depth secondary research combined with descriptive and predictive analytics

In the changing landscape of healthcare and life sciences, we have realised that it takes a unique approach to combine scientific intelligence, business insights and reporting services to deliver customised impactful solutions to our clients.

Using our strong domain expertise with in-depth therapy area experience across 150+ indications and 15+ rare disease we provide end-to-end business research and reporting services.


  • Patient journey analysis
  • Epidemiology analysis
  • Therapy area evaluation
  • Forecast models
  • Business development & licensing evaluation
  • Scientific intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence

Digitized Business Intelligence and Reporting

In an increasingly cost-constrained global healthcare market, healthcare and pharma companies are leveraging advanced analytics for data-driven decision making. With our unique approach to assess an organisation's analytical maturity and customizable data management and solutions suite, we provide a holistic range of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics services for global clients.


Healthcare Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

  • Epidemiology analysis
  • Unmet medical need analysis
  • Market opportunity assessment
Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Patient-based forecast models
  • Market-based forecast models
  • Evaluating business development and licensing opportunities
Healthcare Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Health economics and outcomes research


Market access in the healthcare space refers to the complex process pharma and biotech companies go through to ensure their products are available in the right market and to the right set of patients. This process includes working out the right pricing strategy and cost effectiveness across the franchise/portfolio of products, as well as getting reimbursements.

Designing a unique business solution for strategizing pricing and reimbursement requires a high degree of therapy area analysis and understanding of key drivers that influence constantly evolving healthcare market. Components of market access strategy also revolve around Patient-Physician-Payer.

Borderless Access can help pharma and biotech companies optimise their market access strategy by analysing the dynamics of the competitive landscape and therapeutic area dynamics.


  • Pricing analytics
  • Emerging pricing models
  • Reimbursement landscape


Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) focuses on the comparison of costs and consequences of healthcare. Health economics uses mathematical models to synthesize data from biostatistics and epidemiology for cost/pricing decision making.

Outcomes research includes medically related research which investigates the benefits & results of healthcare practices. This study uses epidemiology to link healthcare outcomes (quality of care, quality of life) with independent variables such as geography, income, or lifestyle.


  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Quality of life (QOL) evaluation
  • Literature review
  • Scientific evidence analysis



HealthSight is our cloud-based Competitive Intelligence platform that offers pharmaceuticals pipeline, clinical trial, news, medical conference and events tracking, and market movements for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Panels

With over 1.2 million deeply-profiled patients and 800k+ physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers across the globe, Borderless Access' dedicated healthcare online and mobile panels help deliver over 6 million healthcare studies across the globe annually.

Therapy Area Analysis for Ophthalmology Indications.

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Awareness Trial Usage (ATU) Study for Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Branding Research Study for a New Drug Release

The client‘s phase II investigational drug received fast track designation by the FDA

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