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Borderless Access Smartech is a suite of our products and technology driven solutions that create high impact by leveraging contemporary technology; applied data sciences, ML, and automation workflows. This comprehensive portfolio of futuristic solutions makes decision making smarter, swifter, and easier to deliver the ROI to client organizations and they gain a significant competitive advantage.

Here are the solutions we offer to enable intelligent decision-making:

  • SmartSight - AI-ML enabled bespoke community management platform to manage end-to-end life cycle of customer or non-customer community
  • HealthSight - Cloud-based Competitive Intelligence (CI) platform for the healthcare industry
  • EcoSight - Competitive intelligence platform for B2C brands- combining social media listening and first party feedback
  • BotSight – NLP powered Chat Bot solution for Behaviour mapping and consumer understanding
BA Smartsight Logo

SmartSightTM is an AI-ML enabled bespoke community management platform essential for extracting maximum value from a large online, digital community. Born out of necessity, the SmartSight platform is Borderless Access’ flagship ERP that allows for control and management of the end-to-end life cycle of community management and provides technology-driven research solutions such as, Facial Recognition, Emotions Tracking, API’s, and Custom Communities.

SmartSight employs its integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-driven smart feature set to facilitate:

  • Recruitment and engagement of panellists
  • Running sample feasibility
  • Managing project workflows
  • Deploying samples
  • Managing partners and API’s
  • Handling last-mile processes of invoicing

The integrated community analytics module optimizes cost and revenue cycles as well as churns multiple KPI reports, allowing business and operations teams to manage enterprise-scale activities with ease and efficiency.


ERP Platform

ERP PlatformWith SmartSight, you have a single platform with which you can setup and revise existing quotes for new projects, execute projects, manage vendors and partners and generate invoices. The platform gives you a global view of the status of all your on-going and past projects, with the ability to access the details with a single click.

Key highlights:

  • Gamified community management
  • AI-ML driven sampling and incentive management
  • Automation with ready-to-use APIs
  • Native deep profiling
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Platform customization as per client needs

Custom Community Development

Custom Community DevelopmentSmartSight gives you complete control over every minute aspect of the custom community development process, allowing you to nurture your panel community the way you see fit and to extract maximum value from it. The platform has dedicated modules to carry out community development activities. These include:

  • The recruitment campaign management module
  • A dedicated panellist engagement website, to run panel profilers, polls and track your marketing campaigns and run loyalty programs and gamified sweepstakes and contests to keep your panellists engaged.
  • The SmartSight sampling module uses machine learning to automatically assign panellist ranking based on the frequency, completion rates, quality of their survey activities and also generates individual heatmaps based on their propensity to participate in a survey during different times of the day.
  • Analyse data through easy to comprehend, custom dashboards and generate reports in Excel and PDF formats. SmartSight reports are also compatible with Tableau APIs.

Partner Management

Partner ManagementWith ready-to-use APIs for both clients and partners, SmartSight facilitates end-to-end automation when it comes to hosting and managing your partner panels seamlessly.

SmartSight enables you to bring our panels onboard seamlessly for all your data collection needs.


  • Server-to-Server (S2S) Post-back Implementation
  • Global reach across 35 growth and developed markets
  • Hinghly engaged hyper-niche digital panels
  • Cost and time efficiencies


Security Management Using SmartSight to manage your research projects means you do not have to constantly worry about maintaining the quality of your panels and the data gathered. SmartSight has been developed keeping in mind all possible fraud and deception scenarios. It employs a host of proprietary and industry-standard countermeasures to maintain a high level of quality.

Some of these security measures include:

  • S2S/Dynamic redirects
  • Proprietary anti-fraud algorithms
  • Browser/Bot fingerprinting
  • Survey surveillance
  • Face recognition

Mobile App

Mobile App's Management SmartSight communicates with dedicated iOS and Android applications on the panellist front.

These apps, once installed on your panellists' smartphones, seamlessly sync with SmartSight and allow you to interact with them in real-time, from engaging them to launching surveys as well as monitor panellist activity.



SmartSight sampling module combines supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms that take into account panellists’ profiling parameters and match them with their survey responses and completion rates. This is further compared against panellists’ historical data, allowing the system to predict a panellist’s future behaviour.

These predictions perform two key functions:

  • The system automatically ranks panellists based on their propensity to take surveys during certain times of a day and sends them invites at the right time and on the right platform, improving response rates
  • The system identifies the right incentive threshold at which a panellist is likely to take the survey that helps improve ROI.

SmartSight's ML models are retrained every month to keep pace with the changing data landscape and predictions are refreshed weekly. This machine interpretation layer within SmartSight allows you to generate higher responses and maximise ROI.


Measuring the success of brand or product marketing endeavours is a vital step in the process of developing better strategies. However, some metrics such as emotions are intangible and harder or impossible to get a good measure of through mainstream qualitative research techniques.

SmartSight's emotional tracking module, combined with our BA Insightz solutions fulfills the gap in the measurement of the effectiveness of media campaigns such as video and audio advertisements. SmartSight leverages Microsoft Azure's emotion recognition module to validate the data captured for emotions. Based on the length of the video, SmartSight's emotion tracker recognizes upto 8 emotions and is capable of churning a reporting framework of the emotion statistics based on the length of a video that the user is shown while assessing the emotions, allowing researchers and brands to recognize the positive, negative and neutral sentiments around the targeted media campaign. It also allows end-to-end workflow to be easily embedded into full-service studies, allowing us to capture emotions without the need for additional redirects.

With emotional tracking and analysis, we can help your measure the effectiveness of your brand messaging in near real-time, across different digital and traditional media channels and in the right context, allowing you to make informed decisions that can make a difference.


SmartSight incorporates a dedicated facial recognition technology to allow community members to login to the platform instead of traditional login methods. While a keyboard dependent username, password or PIN-based login methods are more prone to DDOS attacks and brute force hacking methods, using facial recognition is more secure.

Our face recognition technology is not just a security measure but can also be used for custom research studies for brands.


Often, research projects require onboarding a client panel or partnering with panel providers for various reasons. However, this is easier said than done. Different panel management platforms and the scale of a panel itself can mean combining resources can be tricky and time-consuming.

SmartSight simplifies the process of panel migration. With our rapid client and partner integration APIs, you can bring your partner panels onboard seamlessly. With over a decade of experience and expertise, we can port your panel in just weeks through our proprietary accelerator materials.


  • Server-to-Server (S2S) Post-back Implementation
  • Global reach across 35 growth and developed markets
  • Highly engaged hyper-niche digital panels
  • Cost and time efficiencies


Online discussion forums are a modern alternative to traditional F2F group discussions and have several advantages over the latter, including:


  • Enables long-term qualitative discussions up to several weeks or even months if required
  • Delivers the right set of qualitative insights in the form of text and audio-visual data
  • Unhindered by unprecedented eventualities or natural barriers that can typically impact F2F discussions
  • Provides almost real-time insights about activities or actions performed by participants, which are also in the context

How discussion forum in SmartSight works?

Discussion forums, facilitated by SmartSightTM comprises of two key modules – an administrator module and a panellist module.

  • The administrator is responsible for creating a new forum, invite panellists onto the forum and moderate the chat threads for content
  • The panellist module allows panellists to accept/decline new forum requests and post their opinions and answers in the form of text/audio/images/videos onto the forum
  • Prevent unauthorized use, private communication between panellists
  • Supports dashboards and data reporting capabilities. Admin can generate reports by panellist/subject/keyword in Excel/PDF formats.

Intelligent Feature Set that Sets SmartSight Apart!

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