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Borderless Access adds targeting capability via passive behavioral profiles for its panels

31 August 2015

The Emerging Markets panel Specialist, Borderless Access, has launched targeting via behavioral profiling capability for its panelists across 20 countries.

The behavioral profiling will be powered by Informate’ s  mobile & desktop app meters as well as Borderless Access’s own apps on mobile, PC and social media properties. Using this multi-source passive metering, Borderless Access can now strengthen survey data with multiple behavioral data streams that are captured from their opt-in community.


Commenting on the launch, Dushyant Gupta, SVP, Borderless Access says, “With Informate’ s metering solution on our panels, we can now go beyond the stated response and target consumers on the basis of their brand usage and consumption patterns. This gives us an unprecedented advantage over traditional panel companies – first on improving community engagement i.e. adding predictive capability on panel behavior. Secondly, we can screen and target using behavioral profiles with remarkable accuracy. Thirdly we can discover the truth behind responses as we can compare the behavioral data with the stated response. This improves our understanding of survey responses and helps us partner with clients on achieving their research objectives.  “


Kedar Sohoni, President, Informate & co-founder Cross-tab group added, “We are already working with top global publishers, market research companies and advertisers to support their consumer and syndicated research capabilities using our meter solutions. Integrating our panels with Borderless Access gives us ready access to highly engaged and active consumers in world’s fastest growing economies. With the survey profiling information from Borderless Access we can now understand the demographics of our panelists even better. “


As the diversity in consumer behavior increases, it is becoming even more important for traditional researchers to rethink how they reach and target these modern consumers.


About Borderless Access

Borderless Access, an ISO 27001:2005 certified company, covers over 1.5 million consumers in 20 countries – with proprietary consumer panels in Nigeria, Colombia and New Zealand added recently. Along-with its consumer panels, it also has specialist and niche audience panels covering healthcare, mobile, travel, automobile and finance domains.  The company’s global alliances and partnerships reach over 100 million household in 60 countries. 


About Informate

Informate, a pioneer in developing a mobile measurement system for providing the most comprehensive view on how customers interact and use smart phones and tablets.


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