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Borderless Access Launches TAPP - Key to the World of Consumer Behaviour and Emotions

20 February 2018

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Borderless Access, a global Digital MR Solutions Company, brings diverse consumer behaviour, emotions, and micro-moments within easy reach of brands with its new revolutionary product 'TAPP ' This launch is in line with its vision to be the global leader in providing digital market research solutions for understanding consumer experiences and behaviours, in growth and developed markets of the world; driven by advanced Analytics and Technology.

Commenting on the launch of TAPP, Ruchika Gupta, CEO of Borderless Access, said, "As smartphones, social media and other digital communication platforms usage grows, it offers extensive opportunities to understand consumer behaviour in real-time and greater detail than ever before. This can be a boon for brands that are always looking for ways to reach out to their customers at the right moment to offer their products and services. With our years of experience in understanding consumers across geographies, we built TAPP, which has been pilot tested with two major global brands, allowing them to understand life moments and experiences of consumers at different timeslots and locations."

The product TAPP identifies patterns and trends by looking into consumers' interactions and their emotional state and behaviour within their environment with its unique methodologies and machine learning algorithms for rich, easy to interpret, actionable insights for brands. With TAPP, marketers and researchers can understand consumers' micro-moments to develop communication, manage brand activation, test concepts, evolve products, and much more.

TAPP empowers marketers and researchers to target in-situ and efficiently develop content as per their stories.'

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