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Understanding tea consumers behavior emotions and other triggers influencing purchase decision making

This TAPP case study by the research team of Borderless Access helped the client, a very well-known beverage company understand behavior emotions and all the factors that trigger tea consumers’ purchase decision making and consumption pattern. Surveyed across Australia, targeting respondents of a certain age group, this study also evaluated the latest market trends related to tea consumption and the perceptions of tea consumers. The obtained insights gathered in real-time, additionally helped the client to position themselves as an appealing brand to their potential customers to have an advantage over their key competitors, meet the needs of tea consumers and make informed decisions while formulating their advertising and marketing strategies accordingly. Our team designed a questionnaire to make the client aware of a set of queries that further helped in achieving the mentioned objectives

Study Type

Geography Australia

Sample Size 150

Target Group 18 to 45 years Local and expats Male and female