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Tracker Study to Gather Feedback and Understand Employee Opinion

This case study by the research solution team at Borderless Access details how we helped our client to gather feedback and understand employee opinions working in the IT sector. This tracker study targeted IT employees across designations employed in China and India. The prime objective of the survey was to gather internal feedback about the products and services offered by the client while keeping their competitors’ offerings as the backdrop for comparison. This case study also details the challenges that the research team faces conducting the survey and how they tackled them. Not only our team delivered the required insights to the client but also kept them updated with the progress of the study. The client appreciated the competence of the BA team and its ability to deliver quality and on-time service delivery. Hence we were rewarded with the opportunity to field additional sample sizes in both the markets and achieved results over and above our target


Geography China and India

Sample Size 100 per market

Target Group IT workers, IT Managers, Directors, VPs and IT C-level Executives