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Survey to Understand Technology Implementation from C-Level Executives

This case study by the research team of Borderless Access details how we assisted our client, a leading household products manufacturer understand the brand preference and purchase behaviour of the respondents who already owned or intended to purchase a mobile phone, a refrigerator and a home theatre system in the following 12 months. This full-service study type targeted consumers who own or intend to purchase a mobile phone, refrigerator and home theatre system in the next 12 months across India, China, Brazil and Australia. The study also included brand perception metrics for each product category. The respondents had to qualify with a pre-screener for particular segments based on their responses internally, after which they were redirected to respective surveys. The research team was able to conclude the survey within the deadline and provided the client with the required insights

Study Type Ad hoc

Geography North America, Europe and Asia

Sample Size 159

Target Group C-level executives from companies with 500+ employees