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Study to understand gas leak detector purchase pattern and perception

This BA Health case study details how our research team helped a leading healthcare product company understand the issues around pathological and progressive myopia. This qualitative survey used an online research methodology that targeted a group of ophthalmologists and retina specialists practicing across the USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan. The study revealed data related to the treatment options and other parameters related to pathological and progressive myopia by surveying physicians treating the patients. The results of the survey also helped the client familiarize with professional opinions of ophthalmologists and retina specialists related to terms of patient flow, current treatment options, unmet needs and participant’s perception about a new product profile. This case study also details how our competent research team tackled all the challenges associated with the survey and delivered the required insights in the stipulated period. Successful and timely deliverables led to client satisfaction as they reciprocated with frequent and multiple healthcare project requests

Study Type Adhoc

Geography China, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia

Sample Size 80 completes

Target Group Managers working in Chemical, Oil and Gas/Energy and utilities, Pharmaceutical Industries