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Hybrid Study among KOLs to Understand User Perception

This case study details how the research solution team at Borderless Access helped a leading Indian e-commerce company decipher consumer sentiments and behavior. This sample study targeted online shoppers of a certain age group across India and covered all major e-commerce categories. The prime objective of the survey was to understand the purchase behavior, satisfaction levels and future consideration of consumers who buy online. The survey had several associated challenges. However, our competent team deployed appropriate tools to tackle those challenges and deliver the required insights on time. Additionally, our diverse and large panel base made it possible for us to fulfill all quotas and reach the required completes in the stipulated period. The study was successfully delivered on time and met the client’s expectations

Study Type Hybrid Study

Geography Philippines

Sample Size n=65

Target Group Oncologist, Pediatrician, Ortho/ Trauma Surgeons, Head Nurse & Procurement Managers