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Epidemiology and Treatment Analysis for Ophthalmology

BA Health presented this case study to provide the client with an epidemiology and treatment analysis for ophthalmology. Our research team conducted this prescriptive study across Asia-Pacific (APAC) to evaluate disease potential for various ophthalmology indications. Additionally, various ophthalmology diseases have been thoroughly analyzed to understand the cause, origin, prevalence & incidence specifically for India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. This BA Health survey further helped the client in designing a treatment algorithm for such diseases. The outcome of the prescriptive study enabled the stakeholder to assess ophthalmological disease burden for APAC markets, identify the patient segment—each with specific needs, characteristics, or behaviors to provide customized care and policies to them

Study Type Prescriptive Analytics

Geography APAC

Sample Size

Target Group Patients with Uveitis, DME, Wet AMD, RVO