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Campaign Awareness Measurement for Global Media Broadcaster

This is the case study of a survey that the expert research team at Borderless Access conducted to help a Global Media Broadcaster get a qualitative measure of the effectiveness of their latest media campaign. The team implemented a hybrid study to build awareness among viewers about the campaign’s presence in their market, gauge its impact on the audience and advertise its latest media offerings. The prime objective of this hybrid study, which targeted people with access to media between a certain range of age, was to improve the client’s media offerings which further improved brand awareness and increase their viewership. Our team successfully delivered the required insights in the stipulated time and provided valuable answers to the important WHYs, WHATs, WHENs, WHEREs, WITH WHOM and HOWs, of viewer behavior and actions

Study Type Hybrid study

Geography Multi-Country

Sample Size Over 2000

Target Group People with access to media between the ages of 18 & 55 years