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A Qualitative Discussion to Understand Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder to Aid New Product Development

This case study by the BA Health research team helped our client, a healthcare company understand Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) to aid new product development. This web-assisted qualitative TDI study, targeting neurologists practicing across Germany, France, Spain, Italy, gathered valuable insights from physicians regarding the treatment of NMO/NMOSD patients. The Our client wanted to gather professional opinions in terms of prescriptions, current treatment options, attributes of patients and treatment areas of specific patients via patient referral forms • Our client wanted in-depth feedback from participants regarding the number of NMOSD patients they treat, use of infusion therapy and feedback on the new product profile. Since NMO/NMOSD is a rare disease, hence finding neurologists who treat over 5 patients per year was a challenge. There were additional challenges associated with procuring relevant in the stringent timeline. Nevertheless, our team delivered the required results in the desired timeframe, hence they reciprocated with frequent and multiple healthcare project requests across the firm, globally

Study Type Web Assisted Qualitative TDI

Geography Germany, France, Spain, Italy

Sample Size N= 5

Target Group Neurologists who treat NMO/NMOSD patients