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Borderless Access Insightz, with its digital insight solutions, uses a kaleidoscope of consumer behaviour and emotions for delivering strategic and tactical insights that are rich, actionable, and are unique to brands and businesses.

With Borderless Access Insightz digital research solutions, you can not only learn about consumer attitudes and behaviour but also understand the underlying reasons, patterns and trends for getting answers that are relevant to their present and future business needs.

Intelligent Insight Solutions

With Borderless Access Insightz, you have the freedom to capture every life moment, behavioral change happening throughout the day and view them as data points allowing you to explore consumer experiences and life moments like never before.

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Consumer Behaviour Research
Digital Consumer Behaviour
Digital Consumer Behaviour


New-age Brand Tracking

New-age Brand TrackingA powerful brand presence is imperative for success in any industry. Understand where your brand stands in the market in terms of performance, positioning, awareness, equity and reputation among your customers and competitors, over time, with Borderless Access Insightz new-age brand health tracking techniques.

  • Our holistic approach to tracking brand health parameters delivers meaningful strategic insights and adds rigour to your tactical decision making.
  • Digital quantitative data gives you access to short term as well as long term brand health components.
  • You can track real-time key performance metrics.
  • Dynamic tracking facilitates course correction in near real-time.

Understand the "WHYs" behind your brand health metrics

Our holistic approach to brand health tracking augments quantitative data read with qualitative deep dives that garner relevant answers from audiences in near real-time and help you understand them better.

CX-Customer Satisfaction-NPS

What do customers expect from your brand and your product or services?
How do you drive brand loyalty and improve brand advocacy?
Answers to these vital questions lie in getting accurate insights for proven metrics that provide the core measurement for the customer experience management.

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSat)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • CX Performance Drivers

Our customer satisfaction surveys use a hybrid research methodology, which is a mix of regular, traditional surveys and near real-time digital surveys, to help you make informed decisions to stay credible, relevant and differentiated.

With Borderless Access Insightz digitally-driven customer satisfaction and user experience research capabilities, you get a true measure of user experience, customer loyalty and brand advocacy associated with your brand.

CX-Customer Satisfaction-NPS

Usage and Attitude Studies

BA Insightz usage and attitude studiesTo identify available opportunities and to make the most of them requires an in-depth understanding of market realities, which include key factors such as consumer expectations, demand and perceptions for products or services, consumption and usage patterns and growth opportunities among other factors - this is where Borderless Access Insightz usage and attitude studies can help you to -

  • Build a strong level of familiarity
  • Understand current usage behaviour
  • Learn about the attitudes and needs of the consumers
  • Know about associated triggers and barriers
  • Track customer profile changes over time

Real-time feedback from consumers through mobile digital diary studies, combined with feedback on attitudes and needs collected from consumers from time to time helps you identify consumer segments and understand what and whom to target and when and how to do it.

Borderless Access Insightz usage and attitude research services can be customized to help you build meaningful and actionable customer profiling and formulate effective growth strategies around them.

Advertising Effectiveness

BA Insightz Advertising campaign effectiveness analysisAdvertising campaigns are usually a high-budget marketing play crucial for brand or product awareness, new launches, new market entry, etc., hence understanding their effectiveness becomes quite important for brands. Yet determining their level of success and influencing your target audience immediately can be tricky due to the intangible nature of their influence.

Borderless Access Insightz tackles this challenge with campaign effectiveness analysis, a scientifically-driven research technique that captures the conscious and subconscious impact of marketing campaigns of all types of consumers to measure their effectiveness across a range of parameters.

Traditional research techniques have a limited scope in terms of measuring campaign effectiveness and are unreliable beyond a point. Whereas Borderless Access Insightz campaign effectiveness analysis employs a novel emotion tracking technology to measure the quality of the creative and capture insights about the depth of a campaign’s effectiveness.


  • Better understanding: Identify the level of engagement and interest generated by individual creatives
  • Message cut through: Measure the overall quality of reach created by various media channels
  • Impact: Compare and identify aspects that make a harder impact and are more engaging

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Media Monitoring and AnalysisBorderless Access Insightz media monitoring and analysis service apply dedicated digital tools and resources to search and track digital campaigns and capture the deterministic actual reach and exposure across various media channels (traditional and digital) and their impact on your brand.

Borderless Access Insightz employs best-in-class sub-conscious behaviour technology to explore and determine the impact of investment on a campaign on your brand.

Key Highlights

  • Monitor digital campaigns for their reach and frequency of exposure along with competition
  • Map campaign reach with audience profile vs the targeted group
  • Measure the impact on brand health KPIs like awareness, consideration and key brand perceptions among audiences exposed to the campaign and compare it with the rest

Concept and Product Testing

No new product or service launch is complete without passing through the real-world testing phase, which is important for weeding out errors that might crop up during usage.

Borderless Access Insightz product/concept testing techniques employ innovative methods such as eye gazing to identify the key hooks within concepts and use advanced analytics like Max-diff and CBC for concept testing with multiple options.

These techniques help our experts make sense of consumer usage patterns, behaviour preferences and reactions for a diverse range of products (both hardware and software) or services and provide you with qualitative and quantitative inputs to identify a winning concept or launch a polished product into the market with strong odds of success.

Concept and Product Testing Techniques

Branding/Packaging Evaluation

branding and packaging evaluationProduct branding and packaging can be the determining factor in a product’s success or failure. It is also one of the more difficult aspects of marketing your product, requiring careful market analysis to ensure the branding and packaging strikes a fine balance among your target audience, who are likely to have a spectrum of likes and dislikes.

Borderless Access Insightz digital research capabilities provide an effective solution to your branding and packaging evaluation requirement. Using real-life shelf simulation to measure the impact of pack designs on purchase decisions, we can find answers to critical questions like:

  • How well the packaging stands out on the shelf?
  • Do consumers notice the new designs on the shelf?
  • Do consumers confuse your product with your competitor’s product?
  • Does your package design have good recall ability?

With our branding and packaging evaluation, you can dive deep into additional aspects of branding and packaging like price optimization, brand name and countless other factors that make packaging stand out from the competition.

Path-To-Purchase Analysis

Path-To-Purchase AnalysisIn today's digital world, consumer path-to-purchase has evolved considerably with the various stages of their journey – awareness, contemplation, media touch-points, decision-making, conversion and evaluation. These, along with the myriad factors influencing consumers, are spread across the digital and real-world.

Borderless Access Insightz hybrid approach to path-to-purchase analysis takes into consideration all digital and real-world influences and factors that affect consumer decision making from the point of awareness till evaluation.

Highlights of Borderless Access Insightz path-to-purchase analysis:

  • Use of hybrid research – a combination of online qualitative and quantitative methods - to map customer journeys across different channels.
  • Near real-time evaluation and interpretation of customer actions.
  • Mapping the journey beyond the point of purchase.
  • Highlight the touchpoints across the journey and their influence and role in the decision-making.

With our path-to-purchase analysis, brands and businesses have answers to all the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW of a customer’s path-to-purchase.

Market Sizing Analysis

By analysing the interest for your product among the population and even your competitors’ product performance in the market, Borderless Access Insightz can answer the crucial question for you: “How much profit can your product make in a certain market?” Our market sizing analysis can also help you decide on the right amount you might need to invest to get the best value from a particular market.

Borderless Access Insightz market sizing analysis employs a wide variety of digital and traditional, qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including online focus groups, to learn the potential of a market before the all-crucial product launch.

Market Sizing Analysis



Borderless Access Insightz bot-enabled research is a chat application-driven research solution that takes advantage of one the most commonly used chat app, WhatsApp, to interact with consumers across the globe in real-time. This is a personalized, yet a non-intrusive way of getting insightful real-time feedback from consumers.

The highly-engaging natural interaction gathers rich data in the form of text, audio, image and video responses, which can provide invaluable insights to brands and businesses.

Advantages of bot-enabled research solution :

  • Saves time and money otherwise spent on additional resources to conduct surveys compared to other digital survey solutions
  • Doubles the response and complete rates, thus ensuring quick study turn-around time
  • Allows brands to hear directly from their consumers
  • Brings insights to life in the form of photos, videos, speech and text – a perfect blend of quantitative and qualitative
  • Provides real-time access to consumer data
  • Enables access to consumers who are otherwise difficult to reach via traditional research approaches


Borderless Access Insightz virtual shelf simulation is a new-age digital research solution to evaluate the actions and habits of consumers in real life at physical market places such as shopping malls and physical retail outlets using the virtual buying simulation experience.

The virtual shelf simulation solution provides businesses and brands with a risk-free environment to evaluate the most effective product placement, brand packaging, product and marketing messages.

Advantages of virtual shelf simulation:

  • It replicates actual buying to help you understand the packs and brands people pick while shopping
  • The method measures shelf noticeability of packaging and brands
  • It provides a tangible measure of effectiveness of product placement and helps you come up with the best combination to maximize purchase

Research applications to evaluate buying exercises include:

  • Pack testing: Evaluating the highest noticeability and purchase probability from a few options
  • Buyer share for new launches: Understanding of who buys newly launched products and how many


Borderless Access Insightz digital diary solution offers your business the ultimate tool for longitudinal field research for capturing qualitative insights about your consumers’ actions, behaviour, perceptions, preferences and experiences in near real-time, over an extended period of time.

Our digital diary solution employs widely popular and easy-to-use digital communication tools for respondents to share rich data with us across the day, throughout the study period. The data shared can be in the form of textual as well as audio-visual entries, giving a detailed picture of the respondents’ in-the-moment activities and actions, their thoughts and perceptions, factors influencing their actions and more – all these in near-real-time.


Borderless Access Insightz qualitative deep dive solutions harness the power of digital in the form of chat groups on messaging apps, social media, and online focus groups to carry out in-depth interviews with your audience to provide you with rich and meaningful real-time insights in the form of text, audio, images and videos.

What our qualitative deep dive solutions offer:

  • Access to global audiences, with the option of hyper-niche profiling
  • Flexible audience size based on your requirement
  • Privacy options based on your and respondents' requirement
  • Discussions supervised by an experienced moderator
  • Options for interactions include: audio/chat and audio-visual/chat
  • Cost and time efficiencies

Our qualitative research solutions provide unhindered access to qualitative insights that are richer, deeper and more in context compared to traditional qualitative research techniques such as face-to-face interviews which can be challenging with difficult markets and audiences, and during unprecedented eventualities due to various logistical constraints.


Borderless Access Insightz emotions tracking is a solution to fill the gap in the measurement of the effectiveness of media campaigns such as video and audio advertisements or digital and physical branding and product messages. Our emotions tracking solution captures audiences' emotions throughout advertisements, allowing researchers and brands to recognize the positive, negative and neutral sentiments around the targeted media campaign.

With emotions tracking and analysis, we can help you measure the effectiveness of your brand messaging in near real-time, across different digital and traditional media channels and in the right context, allowing you to make informed decisions that can make a difference.



Borderless Access Insightz nurtures highly engaged consumer communities to ensure timely and the highest quality insights for all your consumer research requirements. Our machine learning algorithms automatically develop deep profiling, which coupled with a seamless data integration framework, ensure insight that is relevant, actionable, effective.

Dedicated Community Engagement Measures

  • Enhanced UI/UX on the portal
  • Gamification of surveys
  • Gamification of incentives
  • Blogs, polls, social media pages and more
  • Social signup and sign-in

Data integration using APIs

Smart panel management and intelligent profiling based on:

SmartSight panel data
  • Profiling data
  • Polls data
  • Participation history
  • Panel behaviour data
Survey data
  • Regular survey feeds from survey platforms
  • Longitudinal mapping
  • Data exchange via web APIs
Shopping behaviour data
  • Automatic sync (API Needed)
  • Seamless data integration with survey and panel data


Our highly engaged shopper community moves the mechanics of the traditional brick and motor retail panel to the digital medium.

Our hybrid research methodology makes it possible for you to compare offline insights with near real-time consumer beliefs, feelings and behavioural information, leading to a holistic understanding of online shopping behaviour.

Benefits that matter:

  • Hundreds of profiling attributes
  • Access to order receipts of online transactions obtained from these panellists post consent
  • Multi-modal surveys – Online, Mobile, Email
  • Optimized targeting using machine learning and artificial intelligence

With our dedicated shopper panel community at your disposal, you can drive quicker course corrections and improve ROI, while deepening brand and retailer loyalty.


Benefit from real-time access to data and insights through live dashboard updates for all the key measures

  • Field status summary
  • Demographics and KPI’s across
  • Geographical data
  • Trends over-time

We employ data storytelling techniques that combine quality analytics reporting with the best data visualization practices to generate reports that effectively communicate the finer details of hard data as well as the bigger picture.

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