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Give your business research the advantage of ease and efficacy with Borderless Access' first party hyper-niche digital panels. Benefit from multi-dimensional reach for your B2B, B2C, Healthcare, and other insight need, with our expansive online panel community spanning a diverse and niche range of industry sectors and consumer demographics, across 6 continents.

39 Markets
7M+ Digital Panel Community
CUSTOM Communities
Digital Diaries

Drive research of all types, scales, complexities with our full range of panel solutions, which are flexible enough to support everything from small data collection projects to custom, multi-region, multi-year trackers with complex insights requirements.

Hyper-Niche Audiences and Industry Panels

B2B Panels


Industry and role-based targeting, including niche working professionals, decision-makers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Continuous profiling, stringent quality measures and dynamic engagement and incentive management ensure quality responses with a high rate of response for your B2B surveys.

ITDMs MDMs FDMs HRDMs BDM's Small Business Owners (SBO's)

B2C Panels


With our aggressive, automated profiling and digital hyper-niche audience segments across 39 developed and developing economies of the world, expect exceptional responses and reliable data.

Panel Presence Where It Matters!



Our new-age digital diary studies are aimed towards capturing regular and critical consumer traits and ensures long-term, contextual, qualitative insights that will help shape your actions.

Our digital diary solution offers your business the ultimate tool for longitudinal field research for capturing reliable data about your consumers' actions, behaviour, perceptions, preferences and experiences in near real-time, over an extended period of time.


  • Global reach across 39 growth and developed markets
  • Demographically segmented and hyper-niche audiences
  • Tech-enabled platforms to enable online recruitment and participation
  • Systematic multi-channel engagement to boost participation
  • Control over re-contacting respondents
  • Limit/enhance repeat participation of panellists
  • Reliable data quality


Learn how consumer sentiments evolve over a period of time, measure brand awareness, monitor customer satisfaction and more with our versatile tracker studies.

With our highly engaged hyper-niche digital panels, you get reliable data and insights for long or short-term tracking studies.


  • Digital quantitative data for short term as well as long term tracking studies
  • Track real-time key performance metrics
  • Dynamic tracking facilitates course correction in near real-time
  • Hyper-niche digital panels across 39 growth and developed economies of the world
  • Cost and time efficiencies


From IDIs, Bulletin Boards, Insight communities, Mobile ethnographies to Online FGD’s, we employ the latest digital qualitative data collection techniques to deliver the results that matter to you.


  • Qualified and dedicated digital panel pool earmarked only for qualitative recruitment
  • Flexible audience size based on your requirement
  • High participation rate due to enhanced panel engagement
  • Quality benchmarked respondents
  • Global reach with multilingual capabilities
  • Multi-platform and technology-enabled re-contact features
  • Cost and time efficiencies

Our qualitative research solutions provide unhindered access to qualitative insights that are richer, deeper and more in-context compared to traditional qualitative research techniques such as face-to-face interviews that can take a backseat with difficult markets and audiences, and during unprecedented eventualities.


Have a demanding and unique research project that is off mainstream? You can bet on our in-house custom community building capability to fulfil your specific audience and research requirements.

Our Approach

We work on B-O-T model where we build, operate and transfer custom panels for our clients so they can conduct in-house research.


  • Building niche panels for difficult industry segments
  • Expanding your existing panel base
  • Assessing customer segments
  • Balancing panel proportions

Our Work

  • Built advisory panels for product testing
  • Built & managed custom panels based on ethnicity
  • Created news boards & interactive survey worlds

With our bespoke community management platform, SmartSight™, you can get complete control over every minute aspect of the custom community development process, allowing you to nurture your panel community the way you see fit and to extract maximum value from it. The platform has dedicated modules to carry out community development activities… know more about SmartSight™


Looking to port panels? Our client and partner integration APIs work like magic to swiftly and automatically bring your partner panels onboard.

With our rapid client and partner integration APIs empowered with our proprietary platform, SmartSight™, you can bring our panels onboard seamlessly for all your data collection needs.


  • Server-to-Server (S2S) Post-back Implementation
  • Global reach across 39 growing and developed markets
  • Highly engaged hyper-niche digital panels
  • Cost and time efficiencies


Building a survey is easy with the friendly interface we use. It's powerful enough to handle intricate requirements and comes pre-loaded with lots of engaging and mobile-optimized dynamic questions. Test the survey from our survey simulator and collaborative testing environments. Our reporting environment asks you to creatively explore and visualize research results so you can quickly share and generate reports. All of these sources are delivered by teams supporting high-tech documents and live video tutorials.

Why us?

  • Our survey-hosting engine ensures a 99.9% uptime environment.
  • Fast turnaround
  • Multi-layer automated quality check process which ensures 99.7% error-free output
  • 100+ experienced programmers across different platforms
  • Team works across shifts to cover different time zones
  • Best in business respondent quality check process
  • We use the best of tools and technology to create device optimized surveys for better engagement and response.
  • Infiltrate unscrupulous respondents through Geofencing


We offer data processing, analysis and tabulation services. Our analysts are well versed with industry-standard packages and tools such as Quantum, SPSS, SPSS Dimensions, Wincross and others.

Our data analysis services include:

  • Data preparation: Includes data cleaning, merging and summarization.
  • Coding: Coding teams work on brand coding and open-ended coding either on Ascribe or manually. Manual coding is carried out, usually on 'question' basis, where one coder will code one question to ensure consistency of interpretation.
  • Translation: We have a network of verified and trusted translation providers with a specific emphasis on localization.
  • Data tabulation: We have experience in handling simple to large-scale multi-country, multi-wave data collected in different file formats. We also work on hierarchical data and complex weighting schematics.

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